Group Giving

Group Giving is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that leverages the power of combined donations to assist the impoverished at home around the globe. 

Coming Together To Give Back.

How did Group Giving get started?

Group Giving was founded after a chance meeting at at Denny's led to a visit to South Africa, Zambia and Lesotho. On the trip, the founder met Peace Corps volunteers, other non profit agencies and countless people in need of support. The trip also led to the realization that US dollars can have a far greater impact abroad than they can at home. However, not wanting to eliminate the assistance of beneficial projects, the charity was established as a mechanism to donate combined donations to worthy projects worldwide.

Why donate to Group Giving?


Far too often, charitable dollars go toward causes where only a fraction actually serve to assist those in need. Group Giving does not pay its Board or volunteers. All money go toward running the charity and ensuring charitable funds are spent responsibly.

The Group Giving Board activley follows up with each project that receives funds, requiring benchmarking and tangible results for the investment.

The Group Giving Process



Group Giving actively seeks out projects throughout the world by working directly with Peace Corps volunteers to identify needs in remote areas. These projects are then managed by the Peace Corps members, eliminating the possibility for corruption or theft. 

At Home:

As a former foster parent, Group Giving's founder actively seeks to support foster youth by providing supplies for home and school to impoverished youth throughout the country.  

But donations aren't limited to foster youth causes, any worthy cause that comes to our attention is considered by the Board. Please feel free to bring us your cause or donation idea. We are always open to helping anywhere we can.

Group Giving's Projects


For a list of our projects and images, please click the link below.

Together we can make a difference

at home and abroad. 


Group Giving

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